Sunset Yoga - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Standard Room and Balcony - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Sunset Terrace View - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Surfer in Motion Taghazout - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Walking on Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Balcony - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Surfing Anchor Point - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Surfing Early Morning - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Surfing Early Morning - Dfrost Almugar Morokko
Staff - Dfrost Almugar Morokko

About Us

We are highly ranked as one of the top surf & Yoga houses in the whole Taghazout area. You can definitely check that out on our facebook page, Tripadvisor page and our personal review page for Surf & Yoga holidays.

We are professionals

We believe the mixture of being a local and a former corporate person gives the right mix to welcome you in a professional/clean and very moroccan house. Its the stylemix that will make your holiday. After many years of having the business we have been taking all our reviews to heart and constantly improved our business to be able to provide you with the best holiday you deserve!

Healthy/nutritious and delicious food

Food is very important for us. We have been creating a great breakfast buffet with the option to make your own lunch sandwich for the day. Every dinner is freshly cooked with food from our local markets. We spent many hours creating the right mixture between moroccan and european kitchen. There is always a vegetarian or even vegan option and we always try to take care of all allergies. We know its sucks suffering from not being able to eat everything and we truly give our best!

We promise - we treat you all!

Tailored packages

We have been creating new packages for you. All our packages have the balance between fun, adventure, active days and our well deserved relaxing moments.

We are very flexible with our packages and are more than happy to help you finding the right fit for you. We (the owners) are still answering every single request as we want to stay personal and connected to our guests.

Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and at home and at the same time fill up your mind, body and heart with lots of new experiences and people.


We spent years in finding the right team for our travel destinations and we truly believe the key to success is the real teamwork. We want to give everyone the feeling of being unique and important to our business. We are all the same and play all an important role and that’s what we live up on a daily basis.

Not convinced yet?

Check out our page on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, read our reviews on Tripadvisor or our own review section.

Our Story

It all started in 2008 when Mo the owner of Almugar Surf Shop/Surf School in Taghazout and Jordy the owner of Dfrost Surf Shop/Surf School in the Netherlands collaborated to create Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga Morocco. After several years the true love story began...Loredana was once a guest in the surf & Yoga house following her passion for surf and nature and meeting Mo the local and owner for the first time. After several holiday later and spending long years living a long distance relationship it was time for a change. She left her corporate live in Zürich and joined the Dfrost team. After two years working in the business In 2013 one of the co-owners decided to go his own way and Loredana took over his part instead.

We share our passion for surfing and worked hard since then to create the perfect holiday destination for you. We built up an unbeatable reputation over the years and are improving our business constantly.

People ask us all the time where does the name Dfrost come from... well we have a very simple explanation for you guys! As most of our travellers come from cold parts of the world in need of sun-fun-warmth and joy they are looking forward to “dfrost”. Dfrost from the cold and fill up your tanks with warmth…so come to Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House Morocco!

In 2014 we opened our new destination Villa Surya, the yoga and meditation center as well as “Pure Surf and Yoga” our swiss registered travel agency for surf and yoga holidays online.

100% Authorised Business

The Surf Association of South Morocco and Moroccan Surf Federation was set up in order to stop illegal surf camps operating in Morocco. Many illegal camps are still doing business here in Taghazout. These camps have no insurance for tourism, hotel licence or safety checks whatsoever. Stay at one of these camps and you as a guest are not insured by them or your own insurance policy at all. To create your own new holiday experience make sure you choose the right and legal company for it. We strongly believe we can live up to any guest’s expectations. The Surf Associations and Surf Federations website and logo on our homepage confirms that we are an authorised business. We have our own tourist transport & excursion company (Allegra Tours), which means that we are licensed and insured to transport our guests in our vehicles.

Meet the Surf House Team

Although we may not be related, our Surf House team is like one big happy family! Our friendly and experienced staff, coming from all over the world speak a variety of languages – Arabic, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Co-owner: Mohamed/Mo

Co-owner: Mohamed/Mo

Co-founder & co-owner of Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga as well as the owner of the Almugar Surf Shop in Taghazout. Mohamed but everyone calling him “Mo” was born in Taghazout, Morocco and lived in Spain for more then 10 years.

He knows all the ins and outs of the surf spots, there is no better guide to find in the village! He speaks Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Tamazight and some little German. Mo loves nothing more than being out in the waves, mainly at Mysteries, Killers and Boilers and looking forward for an endless summer...

Co-owner: Loredana

Co-owner: Loredana

Co-owner of Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga Morocco as well as founder and owner of the travel agency “Pure Surf & Yoga”. Loredana was born in Germany but she’s “ns-ns”, half German half Italian. She speaks, German, Italian, English, French, Spanish and some little Moroccan. Loredana grew up near the black forest being a mountain snow girl and after spending many years in Switzerland near the mountains and snow, living the corporate life in Zürich it was time for a change. After working for 2 years in the company she had the possibility to take over the business late 2013. She lives the passion for sport and mainly snowboarding, running and surfing...

Chauffeurs Tayeb and Houcine

Chauffeurs Tayeb and Houcine

Tayeb and Houcine are our airport chauffeurs and excursion drivers. They will do the airport pick-ups and all the excursions we offer. Very reliable drivers with a lot of experience gained from their previous jobs as a taxi driver. They know the area and the people. Tayeb & Houcine will make sure you will arrive safely on your destination!



Original from the North of Spain, Elena has travelled over 20 countries during the last 15 years and lived for several years in 4 different countries such as Spain, Romania, The Netherlands and Morocco.
She loves to surf and travel getting to know different cultures and people around the world. Elena enjoys the outdoor life practising sports like surfing, cycling, trekking, hiking and skating. Her heart belongs to the Atlantic ocean where she grew up, in Galicia, Spain. Although she is a true free spirit and an independent traveller, her family and friends are always at the top of her priorities. Her friends describe her as an adventurous, friendly, open minded, smart, committed, brave and a very curious person about cultures and people.
She studied Social Psychology and worked for the last 10 years with international teams in different industries, companies and countries. She cares about nature, education and human rights. She has worked as a volunteer for a year in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) teaching English to kids with fewer opportunities in 2012.
Due to her passion for surfing and people, she decided to share her passion about surf and outdoor life with other surfers and travelers at our surf house making sure everyone has great surfing holidays in Morocco!



Originally from Dublin, Ireland and although Ireland has some amazing places to surf, she only really found her love for surfing when she came to Morocco.

Gill’s varied interests have led her down many different paths which include studying Business and Arts Management, working on a variety of festival and events including Riverdance, working in the tech startup industry, traveling all over the world, living and snowboarding in the Alps, studying nutrition along with training to become a yoga teacher in India. Living a healthy and active lifestyle has become increasing more and more important to her.

Traveling and meeting new people has always been a big part of her life so working as a host and yoga teacher here in Dfrost is an exciting way of meeting with so many new and interesting people. Gill will make sure to give you the best time possible and arrange your whole stay with us.

Gill is always keen to learn new things, so feel free to come and chat to her about anything and everything, she’s always open to chatting to guests and learning about their favorite books and movies, and even hearing about their views on everything from art and philosophy to religion and politics - the two topics she’s always been warned against talking about, but where’s the fun in that J

Host Rebecca

Host Rebecca

After growing up in the Netherlands Rebecca moved to Spain, Singapore and Italy and returned back in 2002. She believes that this upbringing has given a constant longing for adventure. When finishing her Law degree she moved to Scotland to proceed with her Masters. Living so close to the sea and joining the surf club at uni, she got an excellent opportunity to start surfing more.
A year earlier she surfed her first wave and lost her heart to this brilliant sport. The connection she feels with nature, the experienced freedom in the water and the constant challenges got her completely hooked.
After graduating her masters she felt it was the right time to take a ‘off’ and take the opportunity to work and live in a surf and yoga environment. Being excited for that new life experience and combining the love for surfing, traveling and meeting new people while being a host at our Surf and Yoga villa. She is looking forward to make sure everyone staying at Dfrost will have a brilliant time!

Housekeepers and Cooks

Housekeepers and Cooks

Malika – Sister to Mohamed and the house cook. Malika keeps herself busy filling up everyone’s tummies! She is a fantastic cook and specialises in Moroccan cuisine. Malika's Tagines, Tomato Soup & BBQ`s are awesome!!!

Aicha – Aicha is our dust buster house cleaner! She cleans the house and ensures everything is in working order. She makes sure no dust will pass her and that all rooms are dust free! Khadija 1 & 2 – are our house cleaningators. They do a fantastic job keeping all the rooms in the house super clean!! They make sure that the rooms are daily cleaned and that guests can take a shower in a fresh bathroom!



Meet Jen our lovely team member of our Surf and Yoga villa here in Taghazout. She originally comes from Oxford in England, but has a passion for the seasonal lifestyle and had previously spent five years living in the French Alps where she spent her time hosting chalets, skiing and learning French. Jen first visited Taghazout in November 2015 and for her it was love at first sight, both with surfing and Morocco - ever since she has been determined to swap her skis for a surf board!

As one of our hosts, Jen is here to make sure you have the best possible experience whilst staying with us at the Dfrost Surf and Yoga Villa, so whether you come as a solo traveller or with friends she is here to make sure you feel at home from the moment you arrive and is always on hand to happily answer all your questions about how to make the most of your stay with us!

Surf Instructor Monir -   Abdelrahim - Hicham & Kamal

Surf Instructor Monir -   Abdelrahim - Hicham & Kamal

The boys joined our team several years ago. They are all from Morocco and passionate about their jobs. They all have their own speciality in explaining the theory for surfing and making your first wave an unforgettable experience! Meet them in our surf house! All our surf teachers are licensed and legal teachers and know how to take care about our guests in case of first aid needs!

Surf Instructor Yassin at Anchors’s Point

Surf Instructor Yassin at Anchors’s Point

Yassin is an excellent local surfer, joining competitions and the youngest staff member of our house. He came to us when he was just 17 years old. He is an enthusiastic young fellow that has his practical way teaching the surf lessons. Efficiency and a good eye for noticing small errors make him the teacher that you need to progress in surfing. He is always happy to help you with anything you ask.

The Yoga Villa Team


Hafid is our local cook - he speaks french and some english. He comes every day to prepare your breakfast and dinner - apart from his passion for cooking he plays music. He’s not a big talker unless you ask him about music :-)


Hassan is our moroccan Guardian - he’s there to ensure your safety during the night! Before he joined our yoga villa he had a really hard life as a fisher men spending months away from his wife and his 2 suns - we are happy he came to us :-)


Khadija is our cleaning lady in the house and she will make sure your rooms are held clean and comfortable during your stay. Apart from cleaning she knows a lot about morocco as well and she’s a real artist when it comes to the traditional Henna. Ask her and she will draw you a beautiful design on your hand or feet!


Meet Laura our lovely host here at our Yoga and Meditation villa.
Laura has trained as a beauty therapist and masseuse in the UK. She likes to make people feel good about themselves and has a very caring compassionate side to her. She's there during your stay to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the week. On top she will also be able to offer you facial treatments based on moroccan natural products.

The first traveling she visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia Laura has just recently come back from an adventure filled 5 month trip around Europe in her Campervan named Jolene, which she has decorated in a Moroccan inspired theme after visiting Dfrost Almugar surf and yoga villa in 2015. During the Europe road trip she then stayed in Croatia where she worked in a popular hostel as a tour guide.

Laura loves being outdoors surrounded by nature and enjoys activities, including football, hula hooping, SUP boarding, yoga and surfing. Another hobby of hers is making crafts such as dream- catchers, jewellery, hats, dresses and gifts for people. Laura’s first visit to Morocco in 2015 has had a lasting impression on her and she has been dreaming of coming back to work in Taghazout so she can dive into the culture and lifestyle.