Yoga Practice - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Surf House Yoga Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Surf House Yoga Excercise on Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Surf House Yoga Practice with Oceanview - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Surf House Yoga Practice on Yoga Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Yoga Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
View From Yoga Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Yoga Terrace - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Yoga and Massages

Enjoy daily 60 minute yoga classes, Vinyasa/Yin style on our beautiful terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Our fluid yoga practices will rejuvenate your spirit, strengthen your connection to the ocean and leave you centered in your body.

Yoga and surfing go hand in hand. These practices help you connect more fully to the present moment and ride with the wave of life. Yoga helps you develop strength and flexibility on the board and wind down after a great day with the tides.

No matter what level of experience you have, our lessons are designed so that you can move at your own pace. Let our qualified instructors help you to increase circulation, release tension, improve your balance, and connect you to the joy of life in movement.

Yoga and surfing are both more than an exercise or a sport; they are ways of life. Come and live yoga with us!

Our daily yoga classes are open to all guests of Dfrost and other guests that are living or traveling through Morocco. We offer 60 minute Vinyasa style yoga classes which include a short meditation and breathing exercises. Our instructors lead classes of all levels with modifications for beginners and advanced postures for experienced yogis.

The morning class is a more powerful class to make sure you wake up and get ready for the day while the evening class is more relaxed and restorative.

Our yoga program was created by two advanced practitioners with a wealth of teaching experience. They trained, among others, with Shiva Rea, Twee Merrigan, Janet Stone, Hilary Menting, Katiza Satya and Sean Corn. They have studied yoga in India and love to travel and share their passion for yoga with others.

Morning: 07.00 – 08.00 
Afternoon : 17.30 – 18.30 

Price per person:

EUR 10 per single class (60 min)

EUR 90 per 6x 2 classes per day (60 min)

Thursdays - NO YOGA

In the unlikely event of rain (it does happen, even in Africa!) yoga classes will be cancelled and no refunds will be given for pre-purchased classes, although you are more than welcome to use them on another sunny day.

Meet our Yoga teacher


Adam is our resident yoga teacher and Thai-Yoga Massage Therapist from Cornwall in the United Kingdom. He left his corporate career in 2013 to travel the world, along the way, discovering a passion for yoga when trying to treat a long-term injury from running. He clicked immediately with the yogic integration of mind, body and soul and was soon on the yoga path to take his hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Since then, Adam has traveled to Germany, New Zealand and Thailand to enrich his yogic knowledge with further training in Thai-Yoga Massage, Anusara yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra to give him a broad and complementary repertoire. With a dedicated self-practice of mastering the basics and creatively weaving in advanced poses, he teaches yoga in a style that offers dynamic, energising flows with the precision of hands-on adjustments and the blissfully relaxing use of props and voice. He aims to inspire people to look deeper, let go of ego and expectation and to live life with abundance, presence and gratitude.

Adam's path in yoga has given him many fond memories from places far and wide around the world. One of his favourite experiences was whilst in India during a philosophy class on the power of positivity. One student asked the teacher "Have you ever seen anyone levitate?", a question that led to one of the most astonishing experiences of Adam's life. It completely changed Adam's view of what is possible in life. Be sure to ask him about it when you see him.


Meet Lisa in January & February 2018
My name is Lisa Shaw and I am the founder of Balearic Yoga ´Not Just Yoga´. We are an Ibiza based yoga company for the open minded, adventurous yogi looking for more than just yoga.

I created Balearic Yoga in 2010 at the same time as qualifying as a yoga teacher in YTT 200hrs and 500hrs (Yoga Alliance Certified) Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, pregnancy, meditation and nutrition. I have been practicing yoga for over 17 years which has lead to my consistent daily practice and the birth of Balearic Yoga. With hundreds of hours behind me worldwide, I now mainly teach a style of gentle flow, dynamic flow, power flow, hot flow and yin/restorative. I find these combinations are very beneficial within surfing and many other sports.

My way of teaching is working on a deep understanding of the individual anatomy, helping students progress within their personal practise even if I am teaching large group classes. Alignment is key through my teachings but my main focus is connecting breath to movement.
My classes are about building strength through the body and mind, working on rehabilitation of recurring injuries, helping students understand what yoga can do for you and work towards being an advantage to sports and other activities that require you using your body. I also touch on elements of sleep deprivation, anxiety confidence and depression if I feel it is needed.
Yoga is a way of life and teaching is my passion but this all comes effortless to me, I pride myself on my love and passion for helping others progress into a happy comfortable life where possible.
I don´t take myself to seriously and ensure my classes are fun and enjoyable leaving people feeling strong, rejuvenated, relaxed and with a warm smile on their faces.

When I am not teaching yoga I am training as a long distant swimmer. I am also a keen surfer who when not running my business in Ibiza spends the winter teaching in yoga and surf houses. I enjoy exploring and taking people on new and exciting adventures by widening my knowledge on the local history, marine life, wildlife and trades. Exploring is my passion and I thrive on being active in the outdoors and living a fun and healthy life.