Announcing our talented guest chef for November at Villa Surya!

Announcing our talented guest chef for November at Villa Surya!

At Dfrost we know how important is to fuel a healthy lifestyle with healthy and delicious food, so it’s with great pleasure that we announce that we will be joined at Villa Surya by our special guest chef Raul Garcia Crespo for the month of November.

Trained in Ayurvedic cooking in India and picking up other culinary influences on his travels, we caught up with Raul to hear more about his cooking style and what he’s looking forward to from his time in Morocco.

What first brought you to cooking?
Growing up in a family of farmers, I was introduced to the nutritional and palatable aspects of the vegetables at an early age. As a young boy, I found joy in helping my mum in the kitchen. That passion from childhood helped me survive in the university where I studied politics and sociology. As a grad student, I got ample opportunity to practice my cooking.

You’ve travelled a lot, where have been your favourite culinary destinations?
My top culinary destination is India, followed by Thailand. I have been to India 6 times and have travelled all around India on my own. I trained myself in Ayurveda in Mysore and believe that right combination of spices and condiments doesn’t only enhance the flavour of the dish but also is the key to good health.

What is your favourite Moroccan dish to cook and to eat?
My favourite Moroccan dish is a vegetable tagine with couscous. I love how the vegetables pick up the taste from the clay and aroma from the spices is locked in the tagine lid.

What are you most looking forward to about your time at Villa Surya?
I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge of vegetarian food at Villa Surya . I am equally excited to learn about the vegetables and spices of Morocco and incorporated them in my cooking.

Do you practice yoga? Tell us a bit about your yogic journey.
I practice yoga in my lifestyle but I haven’t been into asana practice for the past few years. It’ll be great to be in a yogic atmosphere again.

What’s your kitchen philosophy?
My philosophy is to create healthy and tasty food from all around the world. I believe in food that is tasty, easy to digest and absorbs better. I like to put lot of colours, and textures on the plate.

Which vegetarian dish should be on everyone’s bucket list?
I believe that a well-prepared plate of Spanish paella should be the one to win this one. Last year, I did a course on paella and got blown away by how much you can do with it.

Join us for Raoul’s beautiful cooking and a rejuvenating yoga and meditation break at Villa Surya in November from only EUR 319 pp/3 nights

Posted (25-May-2018)

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