Marrakesh Market at Night - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Marrakesh Shop - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Marrakesh Palmtrees - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Paradise Valley Morocco Swimming - Dfrsot Almugar Morocco
Paradise Valley Morocco Waterhole - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Relaxing at Paradise Valley Morocco - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Paradise Valley Morocco Jumping into Waterhole- Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Cultural Excursions Essaouira - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Essaouira Heritage - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Essaouira Market - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Essaouira Street Morocco - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
4WD Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Berbere Commune - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Berbere Commune

Essaouira Coastal Line - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Essaouira Coastal Line

Essaouira History - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Essaouira History

Marrakesh djema et fna - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Marrakesh djema et fna

Marrakesh Garden - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Marrakesh Garden

Marrakesh Henna - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Marrakesh Henna

Marrakesh Koutubia Mosque - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Marrakesh Koutubia Mosque

Marrakesh Souk - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Marrakesh Souk

Paradise Valley - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Paradise Valley

Sunset Surfing - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Sunset Surfing

Surfer Girls Morocco - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Surfer Girls Morocco

Surfing Anchor Point - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Surfing Anchor Point

Cultural Excursions Morocco

As well as being portal to all your surf and yoga fun, we also provide professional excursions.

Our own excursion operator, Allegra Tours, can provide our guests, as well as anyone staying locally, with fully licensed and air conditioned tours. Our fully licensed and air conditioned van seats 8, so you’ll travel in comfort and peace.

Our carefully curated excursions all have multilingual guides (English, French, German), able to answer any questions you may have and to help you enjoy your day.

Contact us: [email protected]

Day Trip to Marrakech

Need a break from surfing and yoga?
Let your muscles rest and come with us on a 3.5 hours drive through the Atlas mountains to explore the Red City. Feast your senses at Djemaa El Fna, the imperial city’s spectacular and bustling main square, with its famous snake charmers and ancient Berber cures for all ills; indulge yourself in the city’s exotic and diverse cuisine. Morocco’s most famous city is not to be missed!
Marrakech offers a great combination of its prestigious past and contemporary dynamism. Our English-speaking guide will show you the famous Koutubia mosque, the Bahia Palace, the city’s renowned herbalists and much more. In the afternoon you will have a traditional lunch in one of Marrakech`s most beautiful exclusive restaurant with Moroccan entertainment. The afternoon is free for yours to explore Marrakech, perhaps to visit the famous Yves Saint Laurent’s Majorelle Gardens (a real must see) and enjoy some rose ice cream or just to sit in one of the great cafes around the Djemaa El Fna with Moroccan tea and cakes and watch the busy life of Marrakesh!
Whether you’re a die-hard surfer or yogi, Marrakech is worth the trip!
  • Price: EUR 35 per person
  • Day: Thursdays or on demand
  • Time: Departure at 7:00 until around 23:00
  • Contact us: [email protected]

Trip to Paradise Valley

Take a trip to the beautiful valleys of Morocco. Let us take you on an exotic adventure through the palm trees and rivers of Paradise Valley. With its breathtaking landscapes, water slides, pools and plenty of rocks for cliff jumping, you will discover a different side to Morocco just 30 minutes drive from our House! This amazing trip can be booked on location and the best time is from December till May/June.

(Please be aware that cliff jumps can cause serious injury – you do so at your own risk).
After all the walking, exploring and cliff-jumping, it’s time to visit the local Berber restaurant in the middle of the valley to enjoy a fresh prepared vegetarian tagine with fresh, home-baked bread. It’s a very simple local place with a warm and welcoming owners who will make you truly feel at home. All they want is to bring you close to the Moroccan food culture.
On our way to Paradise Valley or on our way back (as desired) we stop at a local Berber commune to give everyone the chance to learn about the famous Argan oil, amlou and much more. The women there are more than happy to explain to you every single detail of their traditions - and of course you can also buy some souvenirs for your loved ones back home.
  • Price: EUR 15 per person
  • Day: Mondays and on request
  • Time: Departure: 9/10 am (depending the season) until around 17:00
  • Contact us: [email protected]

Trip to Essaouira

Only a 2.5 hour beautiful drive along the coast and the Anti-Atlas mountains to the most popular coastal town in Morocco; car-free and clean Essaouira. It’s difficult to resist the charms of this beautiful, friendly and relaxed town.

Built in 1056 by Dom Manuel I, king of Portugal, with its brilliant blue and Portuguese influenced architecture windswept beaches and easy going charm, Essaouira is one of the most attractive places along Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Visit this must-see sea-side medieval town that boasts lovely white washed and blue shuttered houses, wood workshops, art galleries, lots of leather goods and mouthwatering seafood. Not to forget the big harbour with its old wood boats and fishermen that will make you feel like you’re in Pirates of the Caribbean.
This historical city is known for its laid back ambience, hippy culture and Jimi Hendrix. Go and explore it yourself.
  • Price: EUR 25 per person
  • Day: On demand but mostly Sundays
  • Time: Departure at 8:00 (depending the season) until around 20:00
  • Contact us: [email protected]