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Surf School & All about the surf

Our surf school has been running since 2008, seeing hundreds of surfers passing through our surf house ranging from first time surfers, through to advanced surfers seeking those big breaks.

The philosophy we live by is "The best surfer is the one with the most fun" with our team of qualified surf instructors on hand to make sure that you have the best surf experience possible during your stay in Morocco.

We split our groups depending on level with our surf safari offering two groups, one for the beginner and intermediate surfers, and one for the advanced surfer craving the more challenging breaks to test their skills. Our team of expert surfers and their knowledge of nearby surf spots as well as regular forecast checks, means that we provide daily surf guiding to the best surf conditions, ensuring you the maximum surf you can get! We check the tides, swell and wind conditions every day, guaranteeing you the best surf there is. Our 4x4s drive around from "dusk till dawn" in search of those perfect waves, this team of passionate surfers wants to make sure you get the most out of your time here.

All of our surf lessons last for two hours and include both in, and out of the water guiding and tips! We offer surf lessons for all levels, from first timers through to advanced surfers looking for guiding around our famous local breaks. Safety is our priority and we work with bright coloured lycras to make sure our surf teachers can always spot you in the water and beach flags as landmarks, so you know where you are going and where to get out. We do not stay only two hours at the beach with you. After the lessons you can take a well-deserved rest and try out afterwards on your own what you have learned. Our teachers are there the whole day for advise you and to take care of you.

Our patient and experienced surf instructors are there to make sure you learn the most you can in and safe, fun and friendly environment!

First Time Surfers

Our team of friendly surf instructors are on hand to make sure that your first experience of surfing is one you will never forget! They will guide you through the first steps of surfing, from basic surf theory through to practice. In these lessons you can expect to learn about the waves, safety in the water, types of boards, paddling technique and of course the pop up. By the end of your lesson we aim to have you riding your first white water wave - it's an awesome feeling.

For beginners and intermediate surfers our surf lesson programme is also supported by a 1 hour surf video session shown weekly in our surf house cinema with a surf instructor on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Green Waves Catchers

Our team of passionate surf instructors will help you with catching those green waves! The lessons will cover all the basics and more, refreshing your knowledge on currents, types of boards, paddling technique, the pop up as well as tips on how to catch and successfully ride those green waves making your first turns down the line. Our surf instructors will be in the water with you to give you personal tips and advice on your technique. We know that there's nothing quite like that feeling of catching your first green wave!

For beginners and intermediate surfers our surf lesson programme is also supported by a 1 hour surf video session shown weekly in our surf house cinema with a surf instructor on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Advanced Surfers

Starting your first – Aerials – Bottom Turns – Cut Backs – Round the House – 360 and more will be the focus of these lessons. Our experienced surf teachers will help you take your surfing to the next level making sure you gain some new tricks and tips to take home with you. Please note, that in order to take these lessons you have to master duck dive, pop up, catching green waves and be in physically in good shape. These lessons only operate depending on the surfing conditions and surfer level.

Swell and Best Spots

Anchors Point

Live HD Surf Cam of Anchors Point.

Taghazout, Morocco, is worldwide known for its all year round swell.

The summer months are especially suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers, while the winter season provides perfect waves for surfers of all levels – begginers to pros! Read on for a full breakdown of Taghazout’s swell consistency & Surf Spots in Morocco.

The Surf Spots

Anchors Point

We Taghazout people still call it Madraba, which comes from the Spanish name for the nets that fisher man use to catch tuna.

During the Spanish colonialism this place was used as a harbour. The fishermen put all their nets and anchors over the rocks, from there the name anchor came out. The surfers changed the name into ANCHOR POINT. Anchor point is the most famous surf spot in Morocco and it´s one of the top best 50 waves in the world according surf Magazine (Surfer Europe).

Anchor point is a very long right-hander with rocky sandy bottom working mainly in low tide from 3 feet up to 20 feet. The point is only a 10 minutes walk away from our Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga. You can see Anchors from our terrace and rooftop terrace.

Hash Point

The name doesn’t mean that you will find packs of hash floating around your board hihihi but its because of the surfers that have smoked a lot last night and can´t walk to the other spots in Taghazout.

Hash point is a right-hander and its right under our windows and balconies. When we get big swells we even get the waves spray on us, while chilling on our terrace. So no walking distance at all. Hash point is working in high tide from 4 feet up and in low tide from 2 feet up rocky bottom spot. We mainly surf it between the sessions while we are waiting for the tide to get low for the other spots (our power-nap spot).


Panorama is just 4 min. walk away; you can even paddle to it from our Dfrost Almugar Surf House & Yoga.

Panorama point is working from 3 to 5 Feet and can be a fast wave in low tide. In high tide you have panorama beach, which has lots of fun lefts and rights.


It´s a right-hander, breaking in front of a big rock and works from 3 feet to 6 feet. It can be a really fast wave with some tubes, just be careful in the take off the rest is sandy bottom. This wave is 15 min walking distance from our surf house.


The name killers doesn't come because of the waves but it’s because in May and June you can surf with Killer wales, traveling up north and in September and October you can see them traveling back down south from Europe.

This spot is a 25 min walk from our surf house and just few meters away from our killer point apartment. It has 3 really long sections with flat rocky bottom, which are all working in low tide. Surfing there you are surrounded by big caves with lot of sea gulls and other birds in the cliffs.

La Source

La Source is a 20 min walk from our surf house and it´s right in front of our killer point apartments. It’s a left and right-hander wave breaking from 3 to 5 feet working only in high tide. Be careful very sharp rocks.

K 17

Is a beach break between Panorama and Crocro. The perfect place for beginners and intermediates, a beach break with many a frame waves.


It´s a great beach break with lots of A frame waves, working the best in high tide. Good place to be with a lot of restaurants around where you can have lunch or drink in between your sessions or just chill and watch the other surfers.

Note: Don’t go to the first café at your left, its expensive and unfriendly. Enjoy the other local restaurants.

Devils Rock

It’s a real fun wave! You may need a big board because of the crowds, most of the people use long-boards . It´s known as the local spot but very friendly and funny people to meet. Better avoid weekends and holidays, the spot can get very, very crowded.


Bananas got its name from all the banana plantations, which are situated right next to the river. A Right hand spot working between 3 and 6 feet. Best in low tide with a nice mellow wave. You can get very long rides.

K 11

One of the few left-handers we have in the area. Mainly working in high tide starting to break in front of the rock. It can be a hollow wave with some tubes breaking from 3 feet to 5 feet.

K 12

A left-hander mellow wave perfect for long boarding. Breaking from 3 up to 5 feet.


This spot is 15 min drive from our surf house. We go there mainly when it’s busy around Taghazout and when the swell is not too massive. The spot is a right-hander with hollow barrels over sharp roof. The spot is only suitable for really good surfers and don’t mind to step into sea urchins. If you surf there better don’t walk on the wet rocks.


Tamri is 5km long beach and a 20 min drive up north from our surf house with lot of peaks working mainly in high tide. Tamri is our plan B option for flat days. Be sure you can find some waves there. This is mainly our summer spot. With a bit more size it can be a very powerful wave with some barrels.


It’s a 1hour 15 min drive from our surf house. The bay is know for its longest long-board wave in the area but can also get very powerful when the sizes climbs over 5 Feet. Working best in low tide. There is another surf spot at the Cathedral which is a right-hander wave breaking mainly in high tide. There you have the possibility of surfing all day long from low tide to high tide but only if the swell is more the 3 feet.