Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Food and Cuisine - Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Food and Cuisine - Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Food and Cuisine - Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Food and Cuisine - Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Food and Cuisine - Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Villa Daya Yoga Food and Cuisine

All our meals are inspired by the mediterranean and yogic kitchen and are daily prepared fresh in our villa to make you feel great from the inside out. Live a healthier and more vibrant life with our clean eating recipes and recharge.

It is an eating philosophy based on a wholesome vegetarian diet. Using the elements of healthy eating, vegetarian ingredients, combining spices and herbs that have therapeutic value and delicious flavours create the perfect diet for a consistent yogic practice.

You are what you eat is a sentence used a lot in when it comes to yoga but it has a very powerful meaning. Yoga believes that food not only influences your body in the physical sense but is also known to directly influence emotions and feelings.

Why vegetarian?

Yoga food is based on the idea that food should be consumed in their most natural forms in order to realize their true benefits, also known as clean eating. The big idea behind this is to stay healthy and happy. Food should be digested very easily. A vegetarian yoga diet makes sure that all faculties of digestion work smoothly through absorption, assimilation and elimination phases. The diet also contains high amounts of fiber and antioxidants. The food should help maintain a strong and healthy body, a stress free mind and soul and a very positive spirituality in our lifestyle. A well-balanced nutrition can be very powerful.

Where our food comes from

All our food is sourced locally and is bought weekly, fresh. We source our vegetables and fruits from a local eco-farm and what we are not able to get from there we buy at the near supermarkets.

"Feel great from the inside out"

During your Yoga retreat with us we serve you a well-balanced kitchen which is designed to suit a Yogic week. We kick-start the day with some tea and lemon juice before your yoga practice. After your morning yoga class we prepare a sweet and hearty brunch. Then, for the afternoon we prepare small snacks to bring you through the day. In the villa you will find tea, water and coffee as well as fresh fruits all day around. The dinner is prepared after the evening Yoga class.

All our meals are vegetarian with vegan and raw inspirations.


After your first Yoga class we prepare a lovely brunch for you which is served buffet style. Eat what you like and as much as you desire.

Here some inspiration on what you can expect:

  • Smoothie bowls
  • Chia pudding
  • Daily changing egg recipes
  • Raw-homemade spreads (carrots, beetroot, hummus)
  • Fruit salad and homemade yogurt
  • Home-baked breads
  • Slow cooked veggies
  • And much much more

Every morning we prepare sweet and hearty things. There is a well-prepared rotation to make sure we meet your tastes, serve you enough energy for the day but make sure you won’t overeat yourself ;-). Recharge with our clean eating recipes.


In the afternoon we prepare some snacks for you to make sure to keep the blood sugar level running and give you energy for the evening yoga class.

The snacks we prepare are daily changing and can vary from energy balls, over raw bites to courgette muffins and much more


Every evening we serve a lovely dinner after the yoga class. Enjoy the dinner on our outside terrace or inside, however you prefer.

Every dinner starts with an appetizer followed by a main course, salad and ends with a delicious and healthy dessert.

Get some inspiration on how a dinner could look like:

  • Vegan Gazpacho, Italian raw veggie lasagna, salads, vegan chocolate mousse
  • Vegan salmorejo, zoodles with orange sauce and vegan meatballs, salads, homemade ice cream
  • Vegetarian spanish tapas, Falafel in a salad wrap, salads, crema catalana
  • Vegan ensalada russia, vegetarian Paella, salads, fresh fruits
  • Moroccan lentil soup, stuffed tomatoes and bell peppers with glazed veggies, salads, raw raspberry tart
  • Vegetarian BBQ with burgers, skewers, salads and lovely dips

Our dishes depend on the seasonal availability of products and the temperature outside. If it's very warm we will cook a divers kitchen versus the cooler days.

According to Yogic needs, our kitchen is designed to barely use dairy products. Some dishes that have dairy will be included, but we will always offer vegan option if necessary. We replaced all “white” food by whole grains to make sure you get a well-balanced diet as for example bread, rice...

Our 10 years of experience in the health sector has given us the knowledge we need to create a vigorous, delicious yogic meal plan.

If you need a special diet due to allergies please let us know before your arrival in order to take care of you. Not everything may be available but we promise we will always do our best to take care of you.