Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Tarifa Beach Yoga Retreat - Dfrost Almugar Morocco
Tarifa Beach Retreat - Dfrost Almugar Morocco

Your Yoga Style at Villa Daya

Yoga Style

Today there are many different Yoga styles that are widely recognized and practiced. We have handpicked a few of them for your Yoga retreat with us. During your time we would like to offer the right amount of dynamic Yoga classes but also to relax your mind and soul with restorative Yoga and Yin-yoga classes. We have 2 extremely experienced Yoga teachers working with us who will be guiding you through the different classes.

Dynamic Yoga: Good morning, salute the sun

For the morning classes we have prepared a dynamic active Yoga sequence for you, which will build up during your stay with us. On day one we may give you a short introduction on what you will expect and then you follow the flow.

We created the Yoga sequences inspired by Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.

Every day we are going to work on different parts of the body and create awareness for it. We will start the class in a silent meditation to get ready for the Yoga, warm up with sun salutations and will then focus on opening the heart, shoulders, backbends, hips, just to name a few. We have also prepared a very special detox-class for you!

The classes are suitable for all levels, no matter what your conditions are. Our teachers know how to adapt to a higher or lower level. Remember, Yoga is for everybody.

"Yoga is not about knowing how to do a headstand, it is about finding your inner peace"

Restorative Classes - Slow down the Pace of Life

The evening classes are based on restorative Yoga. Less work, more relaxation. You will spend your Yoga class in modified active standard asanas using strategically placed props as bolsters, straps and blankets to help you sink into deep relaxation.

It is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic activity of daily life and let your speedometer return to zero.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very slow-paced passive style of yoga with asanas held between 3-5 minutes. The poses apply a moderate stress to the connective tissue of the body, releasing tendons, fascia, ligaments with the aim to increase circulation in the joints, improving flexibility and freeing the meridians of the body.

It's a more meditative approach to yoga, Yin has the aim to create awareness of the inner silence and to energize yourself at the same time.

Our two Yoga teachers are working with you during your week, making sure you get the best Yoga experience during your holiday with us.



Some of you might remember Ceri from Villa Surya where she taught Yoga classes in 2017/2018, we are happy to welcome her back for our Popup Yoga villa in Tarifa, Spain.

Ceri wanted to unite her passion for all forms of dynamic movement arts and the benefits and connection she discovered through yoga, teaching firstly with Montezuma Yoga, Costa Rica in 2010 and then in retreat centre’s and yoga studios all over the word including The Sanctuary, Thai land.
She believes that the practices she discovered through flowing vinyasa sequences that connect mediation and movement can build harmonious heath and focuses on connecting you to your body through classes were emphasis is on connecting fluid movements to breath through strong sequences and steady natural postures, with hand on adjustments and a warm flowing pranayama always an important element.
Ceri’s passion for developing the restorative elements she discovered through yoga has led her to work at an award winning centre for wellbeing in the heart of the british cotswolds where unrivaled expertise in holistic wellness, prescriptive exercise and personal development facilitates an individuals journey towards vibrant health.
As every yin has a yang she also teaches a dynamic Budokon Yoga where a strong element of ti chi and martial arts sequences are combined with traditional vinyasa yoga to create inspiring & empowering flowing classes & Hot Yoga in cheltenham infamous E&F studios.
Coming from a base of partner yoga and thai massage ceri provides restorative and strengthening thai massage where strong emphasis is one allowing the breath to move the body in soft supported postures and the chance to remember that yoga is the process of stilling the mind.




One morning when Rosanne and I started our relationship she rolled out a yoga mat in her tiny living room. “What are you doing?”, I asked while I put out my second cigarette I smoked that morning. The answer was clear: “Yoga!” All clichés about yoga came up; it's a womens thing, I am not flexible enough and it is a spiritual thing that I don't want to know off. But, I joined her that morning, next morning we practiced again and within a week Rosanne bought me my first yoga mat. Within six months I had a daily practice and a year later I started to consider a teacher training because I wanted to know all about it. At a Yoga festival in the Netherlands I joined my first Vinyasa Flow yoga class and that was love at first sight.
For my first teacher training I consciously chose a teacher training with male teachers and a long term training in Amsterdam so I could really grow in to the path becoming a teacher. I studied with the most famous yoga teacher in the Netherlands, Johan Noorloos, the other teachers were Marcel van de Vis and Anat Geiger both students of Paul and Suzee Grilley. Since these two teachers were trained in Yin Yoga they could help me to continue my studies when I suffered from a bad injury. The healing effect of the quiet practice are a gift for an energetic person like me.
After that training now more than four years ago I got to know my new teacher David Lurey. A year later he introduced me to his wife Mirjam Wagner. This couple is very inspiring by living yoga in Palma de Mallorca with different styles and approach; she is Yin and he is Yang, a perfect combination from my perspective.
Besides my teachers I found inspiration and followed immersions with other teachers like Sadie Nardini and Marlene Henny (Core Strength Vinyasa or Core Flow, Amsterdam), Sharon Gannon and her cousin Jules Febre (Jivamukti, Amsterdam)



When I was 19 years old I went to my first yoga class. I was unable to work or study because of a burn-out. Yoga brought me from the head to the body, exactly what I needed at the time.
Through the years I practiced Hatha yoga a lot, but there were also times that lost my focus in both yoga and life. I even had a two year 'break up' with yoga. It came all too close, it was too confronting.
Yoga and I got together again and am really happy about that. Ik went to India all by my self to attend a teacher training. Going to India was a long-cherished wish with a bond for life with the practice of yoga.
I was trained in classical Hatha yoga but back in The Netherlands Yin and Restorative Yoga occured on my path and I started to meditate more and more. The quiet practices became my real passion. Helping others to find more peace and to be more aware about who they are and what they do is my life's mission.
Yoga is a part of my life for over 15 years now, but the first teacher training Hatha Yoga I did was only in 2015 in one of the yoga capitols of India, Rishikesh. After this first training I continued my studies in Europe with master teachers like Hillary Brown (Vinyasa Krama, Utrecht, the Netherlands), Lizzie Lasater (Restorative Yoga Utrecht, the Netherlands), Mirjam Wagner (Yin Yoga, Palma de Mallorca) and her husband David Lurey (Vinyasa Flow, Palma de Mallorca). Besides teaching I work as a massage therapist for some years now. I studied Ayurvedic Yoga massage with James Winstanley (Amsterdam) and followed courses in Triggerpoint and Essential Oil massage. All these studies of the human body lead to my own massage style where I use a combination of everything I learned during and after the studies which brings an exchange of energy between me and the person and the receiver.

Yoga Shala

During your Yoga retreat we would like to give you the possibility to experience different spaces.

Shala means home and this is how we would like to make you feel from the first moment you step into our Yoga space.

We created an amazing rooftop Yoga terrace, built on about 100 square meters, offering you 360 degree views over the mountains and the atlantic ocean. The Yoga space is open air giving you the possibility to soak in the fragrance of the pines and the atlantic ocean. Imagine yourself in a yoga practice with the sound of the nature, finding your inner peace. After your first Yoga class you never want to leave this place again.

On the days it may be chilly we also have a lovely indoor-yoga space. It's a Yoga space on around 40 m2 with a clean-chic aesthetic to make sure your mind stays opened and focused for yoga. This space as well offers you an outstanding view over the pines and the atlantic ocean.

Wake up by the sunrise over the mountain and get relaxed and mindful by the sunset into the ocean. Is there a better way to start or end your day?


For the Yoga retreat we will provide you with high quality Yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets. If you feel you cannot practice without your own yoga mat, feel free to bring it with you but it's not needed. We have everything in place for a perfect Yoga retreat.


During your stay with us we will start our Yoga classes with a short 5-10 min Meditation to bring all of our awareness into the moment to be able to focus on what is happening right in front of us. Throughout the week we have prepared a special silent walk with a guided meditation at the beach to make sure you get the maximum relaxation, mindfulness and energy out of your Yoga retreat.