New additions to our yoga villa

Villa Surya Yoga & Meditation in Morocco - Imi Oaddar Guesthouse
11. novembre 2018

Here at Villa Surya we are all about letting Your hair down and setting yourself free of any stress. To help you do that we have some exciting new additions to the villa that will transport you to another level of relaxation.

To accompany your daily yoga and meditation practice we have created a whole new area for guests to escape to paradise,
including a newly built 8×4 pool! The pool offers an infinity view over the cactus oasis and natural zone. It is the perfect space to get lost in a book, unwind after an intense yoga class and bask in the heat of the Moroccan sun.


There is no better way to spend an afternoon than chilling out on the sun loungers, or floating around the pool, with the
sound of the sea in the background.

Relax, unwind and refill from your everyday life.

If you would like to escape to some winter sun check out our pre-christmas special at Villa Surya..


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