Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get sick traveling to Morocco?

We would like to inform you about your next vacation in the Taghazout area.

Did you know 48% of travelers coming to Morocco will suffer from the so-called travelers diarrhea? This sickness kicks in after a short stay in any place and will go on between 6-24 hours.

Morocco is recognized by one of the most advanced African nations today but it is still an emerging country compared to Europe, with a lot of improvements to make especially with the sewage systems, general hygiene and protocols. This means your travel can be affected by exposure to different bacterias, unhygienic places, dirty and sick animals, exposed food, bacterias in tap water and ocean. Your body will not be able to develop a sensitiveness against that by staying a short time in Morocco.

The well known fisher man village „Taghazout“ is undergoing a huge development in infrastructure be it, proper streets, more lights, a sewage system which started to be implemented in 2017 and much more but surely much more needs to be done.

In this area the last rain was noted in January 2019 which makes it one of the driest and dustiest areas of Morocco. With this in mind this dry and warm area is paradise to lots of bacterias as (e-coli, salmonella, norovirus, flu bugs and many more), which are also very common in Europe during the winter months. With the global warming, no rain, travelers arriving with a sickness plus a not perfect hygiene of the country itself and travelers it is very easy to spread sickness or fall ill.

At Dfrost Almugar we do take the safety and security of all our guests as our highest priority. Although, we as a business have no control over illnesses as there are too many 3rd parties involved, we have put in place numerous measures to reduce the spread of illness, including structured protocols for cleaning and disinfecting, regular inspections by local laboratories to ensure food quality and safety, a staff training program and more.

We feel it is important to inform you about this situation and can understand if you do not want to take the risk of getting sick during your vacation.

If you decide to go on a vacation we would like to point out a few things which might help to prevent any kind of sickness.

  • take your body hygiene very serious. That means, wash your hands with soap min. 20 seconds after every toilet visit, or touching open „areas“ of your body. Disinfect after every time being in the bathroom
  • Wash and disinfect your hands before eating
  • Be careful when using public bathrooms, do only touch the necessary
  • Should you have sick people next to you make sure to inform the reception team so our hygiene protocol can be applied
  • Should you have a sick person next to you make sure to not share cutlery, plates, glasses, towels or anything with this person
  • Do not eat any uncooked street-food
  • Do not drink tea offered at the beach, we do not know where the water is coming from
  • Keep a simple rule if you do not know where your food is coming from. Peel it, cook it or leave it
  • Do not touch, feed or cuddle stray animals. They are full of dirt, bacterias and disease
Are there any surf shops in Taghazout? What can I buy there?

There are a few surf shops in Taghazout. Our own Almugar Surf Shop is well stocked with clothing, accessories, wetsuits and surfboards/boogie boards, skimboards, for sale and hire. Our shop also has a variety of surf hardware as fins, leashes, wax, deck-grip etc from original brands like Roxy, Billabong, Rip Curl, Al Merrick, Rusty, FCS. We also offer good quality, great value board repairs and more… As a guest at Dfrost Almugar you will receive a 10% discount voucher from the host!

Are there surf spots in walking distance of the Surf House?

Yes there are. You can just walk down the stairs in front of the Surf House and surf Hash Point or Panoramas (beach & point break). Anchor Point is only a 15 minute walk away, Killer Point, La Source and Mysteries (point breaks) are around 20-25 minutes walk away. For further information upon the surf spots you can click here

Can I drink the tap water?

The tap water is not drinkable, but you can buy bottled water in the village or from the bar at the house.
The tap water is fine for taking a shower, brushing your teeth and so on.

Can I travel alone, is it safe?

You can definitively travel alone. Morocco is seen as the entrance to Africa and it has a higher level of security than other African and Arab nations. We have special Tourist Police, that are here to safeguard you and your holiday.
As a woman there is no problem of traveling alone. Morocco is a very liberal and relaxed country.
We still recommend though to take care of your passport and money while travelling around.

Do I need a travel Insurance?

We recommend that all guests arrange full travel and medical insurance before travelling to Morocco (or anywhere!).
Dfrost Almugar Surf House does not take responsibility for loss/theft/damage to personal property nor does it take responsibility for personal injuries.

Do you have a surf school and offer surf lessons?

Yes we offer surf lessons. You can book your beginner/intermediate/advanced surf lesson with us. One of our licensed surf teachers will take care of you. Every day we offer 2 hours of surf lessons and 2 hours of self-practice in the water.

Do you offer a laundry service?

At both the Surf & Yoga villa and Villa Surya we do not offer any laundry service. There are local laundry places in the villages, ask your Host for directions.

Do you offer insurance for the rented equipment?

Yes, we offer insurance for just EUR 25 per week that covers any damage or loss to our equipment (please note that we do not insure your personal equipment).
The insurance can be paid as part of your booking bill. You can read more about our board insurance in our Terms and Conditions.

Do you provide yoga mats?

Yes, we provide yoga mats for your practice with us. On top of that we also have some bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets (and a great view!)

Do you supply bed sheets, covers and towels?

Surf & Yoga Villa Taghazout/Surf House apartments/Taghazout centre apartment + Studio:
Bed linen & sheets are included in every room category
We provide bath towels in every room

No beach towels are provided.

Villa Surya:
We provide bed linen in every room
We provide bath towels & bathrobes in every room

No beach towels provided

Villa Daya:
We provide bed linen in every room
We provide bath towels & bathrobes in every room

No beach towels provided

How can I best travel to Morocco?

Being just a 40-minute drive from Agadir Al Massira Airport, where many low cost airlines operate to from most European cities, it’s quick and easy to reach us!

You can best travel by plane to Morocco. There are many flight airlines that offer cheap deals to fly out to Agadir or Marrakesh. Check out Easyjet, Ryanair, Transavia, Norwegian airlines and so on. If you arrive at another airport than Agadir, we recommend travelling to Dfrost Almugar by the bus. CTM and Supratours are good bus companies. More information can be found on and For more detailed information on our location and how to get to us see here.

How can I pay on location?

At Dfrost Almugar and Villa Surya you can pay with credit/debit card (unfortunately we don’t accept Amex) and cash.
For the cash we accept Euro and Dirhams.

I can’t decide where to stay – how can I chose?

Our different locations offer options for all budgets, it’s more about what you want to get out of your holiday and what vibe you’re looking for. Have a look at the Surf House and Villa Suryaand if you are not sure just send us an email and we are happy to help for all kind of questions.

Is there any pick up service included?

Pick up and drop-off within the Agadir region (Bus station/Hotel/Airport al Massira) is included from a minimum stay of 3 nights.
For a shorter stay we ask you to pay EUR 10 per person each way

If you fly to Marrakesh on a Thursday you can make use of our pick up service (also if you are not staying with us), which is EUR 17.50 pp/way (leaves the airport at 8pm).

If you arrive on any other day you can travel to us by bus (CTM or Supratours) – our recommended bus operators. The bus costs you only around 100 DH/10 EUR and brings you to Agadir bus station, from where we can pick you up.

For groups/families/or comfort travellers we offer a door to door private taxi service from Marrakech airport from EUR 120 each way. Send us an emailfor more information.

Is there wifi?

We offer free Wifi in all our locations (Surf & Yoga Villa Taghazout, Villa Surya, Surf House apartments & Taghazout centre apartment). Please note that the wifi is strong in most of the common areas but the service doesn’t cover all the private rooms so well. The Moroccan internet is not the strongest or most reliable and sometimes we do suffer power cuts and there won’t be internet for a couple of hours. We do have several routers installed to give you the best coverage we can.

Medical information

No vaccinations are required to enter Morocco and anti-malarial precautions are not necessary. We have first aid equipment along with staff trained in administering first aid. There is a well-stocked pharmacy in Taghazout, which is open every day. In case of an emergency, there are hospitals and clinics in Agadir. Medical charges will apply according to the treatment received so make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive.

My friend does not surf, what can they do?

If you are not up for surfing you can also just join our surf safari and hang out at the beach, play volleyball or soccer, have long walks along the coast. We have two daily yoga classes on our awesome roof top shala, which you’re welcome to use at any time for your personal practice. You could pamper yourself with a hammam and massage, go snorkelling, take a quad biking trip, go horse riding at the beach, visit the local Hammam, see the souk in Agadir or join us on one of our great day trips Marrakesh, Essaouira and Paradise Valley (a real fun day).

What about alcohol in a Muslim country?

Taghazout does not sell alcohol in any of its restaurant or bars. However, we have a fully stocked bar with draft and bottled beers, wine and cocktails open from 4pm – 1am. You could also buy alcohol in the supermarkets in Agadir or bring it from the duty free shop and enjoy it on our terrace. It is not forbidden to walk around with alcohol on the streets but as a matter of respect to the religion it is suggested to not do it!

What about birthday parties?

Let us know if you or your travel buddy will be celebrating a birthday while you’re with us and we’ll lay on a delicious Moroccan birthday cake.

What about the Moroccan detox?

Travellers passing through Morocco unfortunately do sometimes have stomach problems. This can be due to exposure to a different diet and different natural and harmless bacteria in the environment. However, as a developing nation, Morocco doesn’t have the infrastructure of Europe and therefore we are liable to experience occasional water borne viruses.

We have extremely high hygiene standards, with our bathrooms cleaned three times daily, and our kitchen meeting all hygiene guidelines. We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our guests with over-the-counter medicines available from our Hosts. To help keep yourself healthy, please do wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, use the toilet seat disinfectant that is provided in all the bathrooms, only drink bottled water (tap water is fine for washing, teeth brushing etc) and try to avoid street food.

If you do feel ill on your trip, let our Hosts know immediately and they can help you with whatever you need.

What activities are available for children under 6?

Of course, surfing can be taught from a young age (if they can swim they can surf!), but if you prefer your child to wait a little longer, there is enough to do for him/her. The Surf House is right by the second biggest swimming pool in the world (the Atlantic Ocean) and nature’s sand box.
We do not offer a lot of playing equipment but we believe in the giving kids the space to create their own holiday fantasy.

What are the passport and visa requirements?

Passports must be valid for 6 months from date of entry into Morocco. British and European passport holders do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days and will get a visa on entry. All other passport holders should consult their nearest Moroccan Embassy for advice on visa requirements.

What clothing should I bring?

Morocco is a liberal Muslim country where men and women are welcome to wear shorts and t-shirts. Swimming costumes and bikinis are normal on the beach but it is advisable to cover up your arms and legs a bit when walking around the town. This is advised for your own comfort and to show respect towards the local religion. If you’re visiting in winter we advise that you bring trousers and jumpers as the evenings can get chilly. We are situated right at the Atlantic coast so you will enjoy the ocean breeze during the evening!

What currency does Morocco have?

Morocco trades with the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). Some shops and restaurants in tourist areas accept Euros (as a general rule you can convert 1 Euro to 11 Dirham). We advise you to change money on arrival at the airport at the currency exchange office. From the Surf House, the closest ATMs are in Aourir (also known as Banana Village), which is 5 km distance from the Surf House. We often pass this village when driving to the surf and we can stop here on request. From Villa Surya, the closest ATM is located in the Paradise Plage resort, which is a 5 minutes walk from the Villa.
We do not exchange money in the Surf House or Yoga Villa.

What equipment do you have for rent?

We have all kind of boards for rent. We offer all sizes of soft tops for beginners and kids. Epoxy boards: Short boards, fishes, fun boards and long- boards by brands such as South Point, Walden and NSP. Polyester boards: Short boards and fishes that are custom made in Spain. Available in all sizes: 5 ́10, 5 ́11, 6 ́0, 6 ́2, 6 ́3, 6 ́4, 6 ́6, 6’8, 6 ́10

What facilities are there in Agadir?

Agadir is a 20-minute drive from Taghazout. There you can find everything you would find in any European city. There are banks, McDonald’s, ATMs, shops, supermarkets, souks (local markets), hammams (bathhouses), car hire services, pharmacies, a hospital, restaurants (Indian – Sushi – Moroccan etc.), cafés, bars and nightclubs for those who feel like going out for a drink at night and much more!
Agadir is a very European style city, whereas Taghazout is a small, liberal Muslim fishing village.

What facilities are there in Taghazout?

Taghazout is a small fishing village with a good variety of restaurants, cafés, grocery shops, a fish market, souvenir shops, a pharmacy, car/scooter hire, a hairdressers and of course surf shops. For further information upon what you can buy in our surf shop, check FAQ question “Are there any surf shops in Taghazout? What can I buy there?”

What facilties are there in Imiouadar (Paradise Plage)?

Imiouddar is a small village with a handful of small shops where you can find a basic selection of everyday items. There are some great restaurants where you can enjoy the tradition Moroccan tajine with beef, fish or vegetables. You can also find the freshest fish dishes in Imiouddar, caught by the local fisherman that day. Other restaurants provide a very varied menu so there is something for everyone. If you want to get out of the peacefulness in the Villa there is a Tuesday party in one of the resorts close by where you can enjoy a glass of wine at the bonfire and dance.

What is the food like in Morocco and what food can I expect in the Surf & Yoga House?

Morocco offers delicious and healthy food. The most known and traditional dish is the tajine. Tajine is cooked in a special terracotta dish with meat/fish/veggies and lots of spices. We serve a mixture of European and Moroccan food throughout the week like couscous, tajines, curries, pastas, meat/fish balls, burger nights and of course our big Sunday BBQ. Our food is specially designed for the surfer life to give you lots of power for the next day. Food gets served as a buffet so you can eat as much as you need. If you are vegetarian or are in need of special diets, let us know. Unfortunately we can not cater specifically for vegan and gluten free diets, however contact us and we can chat about your needs.
For more information on the food at the Surf House see here.
For more information on the menu at Villa Surya see here.

What language is spoken in Morocco?

The official language in Morocco is Arabic, but the majority of Moroccans also speak French. In Taghazout and other small villages the local Berber population speaks Tamazight as well as Arabic and French. In tourist areas the majority of locals have a good level of English. Our staff members speak English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Tamazight.

What level of surf skills do I need to have when travelling to Morocco?

Morocco suits all levels, beginners to intermediate to advanced to pro. The best known spot close to the Surf House is Anchor Point, one of the top 50 waves in the world. You can check if the break is working from our roof terrace. Other spots around the Surf House are: Killers, a 20 minute walk from the House, Boilers, Draculas, Laboratories or Slab, Mysteries, Panorama Point, Hash Point (right outside the House), La Source, Bananas, Devil’s Rock, Crocos , K 11 , K 12 , Imssouane, Tamri Beach and Spiders. For more information on the breaks, see here.

What time zone is Morocco in?

GMT (Casablanca)

What voltage and plugs does Morocco have?

Morocco is on 220 volts with two-pin round plugs. This is the same plug as used in most of European countries. If you are not sure, check online for a picture. If you are English, or from outside Europe you can pack your power plug adapter!

What’s going on at Christmas and New Year?

We absolutely celebrate Christmas and New Years in the Surf House. Every year we have a special dinner with great food, fireworks and a party atmosphere. Join us to experience Christmas and New Year in the SUN with lots of SURF!
At Villa Surya we celebrate in a more low key style with a special dinner and resolution circle, then you’re more than welcome to join us at the Surf House – we provide a car to take you to and from the party. On New Year’s Day there’s a special new year’s meditation.

What’s going on at Dfrost Almugar in the evening?

In the evening we serve complimentary tea, coffee and Moroccan sweets on our outdoor terrace. We provide cinema entertainment in our living room, or you can play games all together or make use of our outdoor hot tub if you simply want to relax and enjoy the incredible view of the ocean. Let the day end by having a drink from the bar, watching shooting stars and listen simply to the sound of the waves…
Sometimes of course we may have some parties as well where we turn on our music and celebrate your holiday!
There are also parties locally on Tuesdays and Thursdays – speak to your Host to find out what’s going on.

What’s the weather like?

Taghazout is known for its 360 sunny days a year. It barely rains, but the “rainy season” is from November till March. The Agadir area is warm all year round. In the middle of winter the temperatures range from 20-30°C in the day to 10-20°C at night. We have that Endless Summer feeling!
For the long range weather forecast see here.
For more information on the average water temperatures see here.

When is Dfrost Surf & Yoga open?

We are open all year round. Last minute drop-in service is from 7:30 to 24:00. You can always contact us via the online chat on our website or simply send us an email with your questions. If you booked your holiday with us upfront, there will always be someone to pick you up from the Agadir area if requested.

When is the best surf season?

The peak season is from October – April and July – August. April to October (summer) is very suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers (3 – 8 ft/ 1 – 2 metres waves). The months October – April (peak season winter) are suitable for all levels, beginner to advanced. (All the surf spots work and there is plenty of choice).

Where is Dfost Almugar Surf & Yoga house located?

Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House is located in the small fishing village Taghazout, just 19 km (12 miles) north of the city of Agadir in the south west of Morocco. Being just a 40-minute drive from Agadir Al Massira Airport, where many low cost airlines operate to from most European cities, it’s quick and easy to reach us!
Taghazout is the closest place for any European surfer to get all-year-round warm water, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience. Most importantly, our Surf House in Taghazout is situated right at the beach/ocean and the famous surf spot Hash Point. You can literally reach the surf within seconds of walking out the back door! Anchor Point (Morocco’s most famous spot) and Panoramas can be checked out from our ocean view terraces as well as from our rooftop terrace.
For more information and maps, please go to Taghazout Surf and Yoga house location, Paradis Plage Yoga Villa locationor contact us.

Why should I travel to Morocco and especially Taghazout?

Taghazout is the closest place for any European surfer to get all-year-round warm water, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience. For any level of surfing there are suitable surf spots and for the cultural explorers there is a great variety of local excursions and adventure day-trips. Taghazout is perfect for traveling alone, in groups, with your friends or as a couple.

We at Dfrost aim to offer the best value for its price – come and check it out