Terms and Conditions

This are the Booking Conditions for a holiday booked with Dfrost Almugar Surf and Yoga in Morocco and Pure Travel GmbH. Please read carefully. Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House Morocco is shown here as “Dfrost”. You as the person coming on a holiday are named as the buyer/booker/renter

Holiday Contract

Your contract is with Pure Travel GmbH founded and based in Zürich, Switzerland and Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga house. Pure Travel GmbH is the agency for « Dfrost Almugar Surf House Morocco. Place of Jurisdiction is Switzerland. Pure Travel GmbH is the company handling all bookings and organizational items for Dfrost Almugar Surf House. “Dfrost” is the visiting location for your holiday. Under the name of “Dfrost” several locations belong to it.

At the time of the booking the office team will send a confirmation email with a link to our booking engine. In it we ask for personal information as well as travel information in order to organize your holiday. By accepting the terms and conditions the client commits to the booking. The booking goes then from “pending” to “confirmed”. Without accepting the terms and conditions within 5 days a booking has not been confirmed and we do not keep the room available. Our regular conditions will be applied. In case a group booking is made we expect the group leader having the authority to sign on behalf of the other group members. The head booker is responsible for the whole holiday costs as well as the cancellation/amendments to the booking. We do reserve the right to be able to refuse the acceptance of a booking with out absolute discretion.


All prices on our homepage are shown in EUR and stated per person/7 nights stay unless stated different. We reserve the right to be able to amend/change the prices prior to your arrival. Once a booking is made discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.


Payments have to be completed within 5 days after confirming the booking to keep the reservation. Arrivals within 42 days are asked to pay 100% of the total amount of the booking. Arrivals later than 42 days are asked to pay a deposit of 25% within 5 days of the confirmation of the booking and 75% 42 days before arrival. The deposit of 25% is non-refundable. Depending on promotions or special occasions we reserve the right to ask for a 100% advance payment to keep the booking.

Payments can be accepted as mentioned in the link of our booking engine. We do accept Bank transfers to our bank account in EUR or CHF and we do accept payments paid via credit card in EUR (VISA/MASTERCARD) for your holiday booking.

Dfrost guarantees bookings only by full payment. In case of transferring a deposit of 25% of the total amount we guarantee the booking up to 6 weeks prior to arrival date. To guarantee the booking 100% Dfrost requires the full payment 6 weeks prior to the arrival date.

Bookings are only confirmed and kept if the terms and conditions are fulfilled by the “buyer”. We otherwise hold the right to take other bookings.


In the unlikely event that you have to cancel your holiday we ask you to contact us immediately. The cancellation overview can be found here above. The deposit of 25% is non-refundable.

Annulation over 6 weeks before arrival – loss of 25% of the holiday (deposit)

Annulation below 6 weeks before arrival – 75% of the holiday + deposit

In the case of notification of cancellation we keep the right to prosecute the client by debt contractor or law. All costs will be charged to the client.

Dfrost keeps the right under any circumstances to cancel the booked holiday with the client but would do that with a notification of a min. of 8 weeks. The deposit of 25% would not be refunded. Exceptions in the time of cancellation are made in the event of “force majeure”.

Covid-19 update:

Since the 6th September 2020 the Moroccan borders have been opened for international tourism again. The Moroccan government operates flight via airarabia and Royal air Maroc. Tourists can enter on the regular regulations and receive a Visa (EU travelers) on entry valid for 90 days. With a valid Hotel reservation (like with us), a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours on arrival in Morocco you can enter Morocco. Every country has its own restriction when coming back from your vacation in Morocco. Please check the regulations respectively. (Status October 2020).

Bookings made before the 18th March

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic Dfrost offered for every reservation made before the 18th March to refund the holiday as a gift card under the Covid-19 law of Morocco. This means for every reservation made before the 18th March and a deposit payment was made a 12 months gift card voucher was issued starting from the original arrival date on. A 24 months gift card voucher was issued for a full balance paid starting from the arrival date on.

Bookings made from the 18th March 2020 onwards:

All bookings made after the 18th March we as a company do now know if the holiday actually can take place due to governments decisions worldwide and international flights being cancelled or changed last minute. Due to that, we are offering a gift card for every reservation which cannot take place due to Covid-19 restrictions.

We issue a 12 months gift card for every reservation with a deposit paid AND a 24 months gift card for a full balance paid reservation, valid from the original travel date onwards. The Gift Card Certificate will be sent via email and can be used up for a future vacation. Gift cards cannot be transferred onto another person.

The decisions taken above are under the law of Covid-19 for holiday destinations in Morocco. Please contact us if you want to know more about it.


Dfrost refunds according the cancellation policy mentioned in our terms and conditions on our homepage. Dfrost does not take over any costs for missed flights/sickness/family decease/or other cases. Dfrost expects every guest to have their own travel insurance to take over any other cases. In the unfortunate event of a cancellation for any of the above Dfrost can prepare an official Invoice for the Insurance.

In the event of guests arriving later or leaving earlier then what initially booked with Dfrost , we will not cover any refund to the client or offer compensation. In the event of a cancellation due to “force majeure” Dfrost will not refund the money paid for the holiday but offers to prepare an official Invoice for the travel insurance.

Pre-booked items such as Yoga classes, surf safari, lessons and activities which are not used due to personal reasons are not refunded or replaced in any way. Dfrost is not responsible for personal change of mind or sickness of any guest.

In the unlikely event that Yoga classes, surf safari, lessons and activities cannot take place due to the responsibility of Dfrost the activity will be replaced or a refund will be made.

Surf Boards

When damage is caused to our surf equipment (board/leash/fin/wetsuit) the “renter” agrees to take over the costs of the board with its original purchase price or take over the fixing costs (if still fixable) at the Almugar Surf Shop.

Costs for damaged Board/Leash/Fin are only taken over if ”Surf Insurance” has been paid (with us) before usage of our equipment. The Surf Insurance does not apply to the damage if we notice our material is not handled carefully as instructed and harmed by the “renter”.

Surf equipment insurance

We offer insurance for EUR 25 per person for a stay of 1-7 nights, which covers any damage or loss to our equipment (Surf Board/Leash/Fin) while surfing. For a longer stay the price of the Insurance increases per day.

The Insurance includes breaking of boards, loss of fins, snapped leashes, dings/cracks on the boards caused by surfing in the water. The insurance does not cover any damage that is caused by sitting-on /standing-on /dropping the equipment on shore, the rocks, sand etc.


Taking part of our holiday programme is at your own risk. We expect to be informed about any type of allergies – health issues of our clients. We expect that participants from our surf or Yoga classes follow our surf/Yoga teacher instructions carefully. In any case of an accident we are not responsible. You take part at the course at your own risk. It is your responsibility to decide if you have the suitable level of fitness for our holiday services.

You need to have your own travel insurance and are responsible to take care of it before they arrive. We do not take over any responsibility for loss theft or damage to persons or property during your stay.


In the event of sickness or accident during your vacation the Taghazout Villa, Villa Surya by Dfrost Almugar, Allegra Tours and Pure Travel GmbH cannot be held responsible. By booking a vacation « you » agree to be solely responsible for your own health and wellbeing. You acknowledge to take the needed measurements to spend a healthy holiday in Africa as for example body hygiene, and so on.

In case of sickness and missed activities, services or facility use you agree that we as the holiday provider will not refund the loss in any case.

Liability Release

By booking « I release Dfrost Almugar from all liability, costs and damages that could arise from use of the Jacuzzi, facilities, excursions and sport activities. I understand that accidental harm can occur with the use of such facilities and I am giving my consent to adhere to these terms of agreement. » By booking my vacation « I confirm, that I accept the financial responsibility for any costs related to any emergency treatment or damage and give my confirmation of the above liability release. »

Photography & Videos

You as the “buyer” of our holiday service agrees that we can use any recordings such as Video/Photography/other sound mediums made by Dfrost or the Dfrost staff made during your holiday. We may use the material for our homepage/Social Media activities or general advertising.


Morocco is known as a very warm and sunny place but there are still poor condition days. I the event of poor weather conditions or poor surf conditions we cannot accept any claim against Dfrost/Pure Travel GmbH or our tour operator Allegra Tours.

Visa & Passport

The responsibility to hold a valid passport and/or Visa when traveling to Dfrost is with the “buyer”. Make sure your passport is still valid for minimum of 6 months when entering the country. Make sure to check our Visa restrictions well in advance.


Excursions offered by Dfrost/Allegra Tours/Pure Travel GmbH that were booked and paid in advance are non-refundable. There will be only a refund if Dfrost is not able to run them due to our own fault.

Privacy Policy

Dfrost and Pure Travel GmbH will only use your personal data for the purposes of providing the reservation service and to improve the end-user experience. We will do everything within our power to ensure the security of your personal data and will never pass your personal data on to third parties or send you marketing or promotional material unless signed up for it. Our booking engine provider also ensures that your data is not passed on to third parties but used for internal improvement of the system. When signing up to our Newsletter and Loyalty program Dfrost will send you updates on a bi-weekly basis.

Consumption payment on location

The client may consume extras on location. Extras are items bought or arranged for the client on location. Those extras can be paid at the end of the holiday in cash in Dirham or EUR or by card (Visa or Mastercard). Card payments via our PIN machine will be charged in Dirham. Our exchange rate is at a constant 1 EUR = 11 DH.