About us

We have been one of the leading surf and yoga houses in Morocco since 2008. DFrost Almugar is the perfect place to experience an authentic take on Morocco in a familiar environment. Experience the unique surroundings for surfing, surfing and yoga as well as yoga retreats on the Moroccan coast.


We have created a place for surfing and yoga enthusiasts where you can spend relaxing days away from stress and everyday life in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying great food.

Why ‘DFrost’? We have what many miss in the cold season: sun and lots of warmth. This is reflected in our name, the stylised form of ‘defrost’. We will thaw your mood and let you return home full of energy.

One team, one family

Many of our employees have been an integral part of our team for years. On the one hand we are a perfectly coordinated service ensemble, on the other hand you feel like part of a big family.

100 % registered and licensed

When planning your surfing holiday, always take care to book with a registered and certified company. We are a member of numerous surfing associations, such as the Surf Association of South Morocco and the Moroccan Surf Federation. So you are in safe hands with us.

Our excursions and tour company – Allegra Tours – is also licensed and transports our guests in inspected and registered vehicles to the desired destination.