The Team

Whether locals, travellers from far ahead or our relatives – our team is like a big family. We are colourful, friendly and professional bunch and you can always contact us should you have questions or concerns. We introduce our team in the following.

It reads like a fairy tale: Loredana travelled to Morocco from Germany to surf. She then met Mo, a local and co-owner of the DFrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House. Sparks were flying not only on the waves … After just a few years Loredana then left her home and became a co-owner.

Mohammed (Mo)

‘Mo’ was born in Taghazout and lived in Spain for more than ten years. He is not only the co-founder and co-owner of the DFrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House, but also the owner of the Almugar Surf Shop Taghazout. Mo speaks Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Tamazight and a bit of German. He loves nothing more than to search for and find the perfect wave.


Loredana’s roots are in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. She grew up in the tr-border area. She speaks German, Italian, English, French, Spanish and a little Arabic. She has been the co-owner of DFrost since 2013. She is also the founder and owner of the Pure Travel GmbH travel agency in Switzerland. She is passionate about all kinds of sports – be it snowboarding, surfing, yoga or racing.

Surfhouse Team


Abderrahim is our local Receptionist that was born and raised in Taghazout. Having grown up in Taghazout he is our local guru and can tell you all there is to know about the area.

Tayeb & Ibrahim

Our reliable drivers for airport transfers or excursions. As former taxi drivers, they know the country and its people and nothing lets them lose their cool.


Shannons love for travel has taken her round the world to experience some exciting places and cultures. Shannon is taking care of our reception.

Fadna, Mina & Khadija

Fadna, Mina & Khadija are our dust buster house cleaners! They clean the house and ensure everything is in working order. They make sure no dust will pass them and that all rooms are dust free!


Mini-Mo’ has been our head barkeeper since 2015. He studied geography and comes from a Moroccan family of fishers. He is an expert in Berber culture.

Yassine, Mohamed, Ibrahim & Hamza

Our surf instructors are all certified and will make sure that your first wave is unforgettable – and all others even more so!


„Taghazout feels like home, no matter who you are or where you came from.“ Meet Meryem and her joyful attitude at the Taghazout villa


Dounia was born and raised in Casablanca, growing up she has always been curious about different world cultures and has decided to make traveling her main lifestyle. Dounia is one of our office agents, responsible for all bookings.


Aicha gehört seit Beginn zum Team und hat sich von der einfachen Reinigungskraft zum Küchenteam hochgearbeitet.  Ihre lebhaften Art ist ansteckend!


Malika, Mo’s Schwester gehört seit Beginn des Unternehmens zum Team und ist für das Sauberkeits-Team und den Einkauf tätig.


Yassine ist der Küchenchef in der Taghazout Villa. Yassine kommt aus dem Norden Marokkos und hat früher in einem vegetarischem Restaurant gearbeitet. Im Herzen liebt er aber seine Rinds-Tajine.

Villa surya team


Fatima is our cleaning angel and bread-baker in the villa and she will make sure your rooms shine for your arrival. She is a lovely moroccan woman who works with us since 2015.


Amy is our yoga instructor from Yorkshire England. For 8 years she travels and works as a yoga teacher.


Meet Mohamed, he is 24 years old, originally from Taghazout. He’s our new Assistant in the kitchen. He’s in our Villa Surya to get trained to become a great chef one day. He enjoys cooking vegetarian food.


Hassan is our moroccan Guardian – he’s there to ensure your safety during the night.


Khadija is our receptionist at Villa Surya. Born and raised in Agadir the heart of Moroccan hospitality.


Hanane gehört seid 2012 zu unserem Team und ist für die Sauberkeit und Instandhaltung der Villa verantwortlich.


Hafid kommt aus den Bergen Tamazight und ist somit ein wahrer Berber. Er arbeitet seid der Eröffnung der Villa Surya bei uns und hat sich über die Jahre zu einem begnadeten vegetarisch-veganem Chef entwickelt.