Covid-19 Prevention in our Destination:

We truly hope each one of you is safe and sound.

Morocco is open for international traveling again meaning you are able to enter the country for your vacation with a valid reservation. Make sure to check the regulations within your country for your return.

How to enter Morocco?

Morocco requests a negative PCR Test on arrival not older than 72 hours from the test result together with a valid hotel reservation (like with us) or a full vaccine, accomplished min. 2 weeks before arrival.

What we do:

  • At all entry points we do have disinfectant as well as in all public areas and all bathrooms.
  • Our public bar known as the BBB – Bohemian Berber Bar is set up to keep the minimum distance of 1,5 m towards each other as well as our Terrace towards the ocean.
  • Breakfast is served a la carte on the terrace outside where we can keep distance between each other. At the moment we do not serve a buffet to make sure everyone can eat comfortably.
  • Our cleaning department is using antibacterial products for the grounds and air. We have consulted with a cleaning agency for the hotel industry to make sure we implement the right protocol for your safety. We use natural created products to keep our sustainability vision
  • We have a minim of 3 nights rule and after every check out the rooms are sterilized, meaning we clean with special products and the walls and all surfaces are hot steamed at 100°C to kill every germ.
  • Bed linen and towels are cleaned externally to ensure cleaning at 90°C.
  • All of our team members work with a masque & gloves (cleaning and kitchen) to make sure you are protected.
  • Everyone before starting to work with us has undergone a Covid-19 test. They have been trained to ensure your safety during your time with us.

Surfing: Every guest will receive his/her own wetsuit throughout the week. The groups are not over 8 people and on the beach we can easily keep the distance if desired.

Yoga: Every guest will receive his/her own bag of Yoga items which have been sterilized upfront to ensure correct hygiene. We keep distance between the mats. As we live in a sunny and warm climate we keep the windows open at any time to make sure we are comfortable during our practice.

Cars: Our cars are cleaned daily with special cleaning products and a spray to kill all aerosols in the inside. Our drivers wear a masque. There is disinfectant available for you to use. You can wear additionally a masque to ensure your own safety as inside the car the distance cannot be applied. It is not an obligation but we recommend wearing a masque for your safety.

Check in: We are offering a contactless checkin, you can pay contactless as well.

The decisions taken above are under the law of Covid-19 for holiday destinations in Morocco. Please contact us if you want to know more about it and how we make sure your holiday is still unforgettable.