Paradis Plage Yoga

All about our yoga style
Dynamic Yoga: Good morning, salute the sun

For the morning classes we have prepared a dynamic active Yoga sequence for you, which will build up during your stay with us. On day one we may give you a short introduction on what you will expect and then you follow the flow.

We created the Yoga sequences inspired by Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.

Every day we are going to work on different parts of the body and create awareness for it. We will start the class in a silent meditation to get ready for the Yoga, warm up with sun salutations and will then focus on opening the heart, shoulders, backbends, hips, just to name a few. We have also prepared a very special detox-class for you!

The classes are suitable for all levels, no matter what your conditions are. Our teachers know how to adapt to a higher or lower level. Remember, Yoga is for everybody.

“Yoga is not about knowing how to do a headstand, it is about finding your inner peace”

Restorative Classes – Slow down the Pace of Life:

The evening classes are based on restorative Yoga. Less work, more relaxation. You will spend your Yoga class in modified active standard asanas using strategically placed props as bolsters, straps and blankets to help you sink into deep relaxation.

It is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic activity of daily life and let your speedometer return to zero.

Yin Yoga:

Yin Yoga is a very slow-paced passive style of yoga with asanas held between 3-5 minutes. The poses apply a moderate stress to the connective tissue of the body, releasing tendons, fascia, ligaments with the aim to increase circulation in the joints, improving flexibility and freeing the meridians of the body.

It’s a more meditative approach to yoga, Yin has the aim to create awareness of the inner silence and to energize yourself at the same time.

Our two Yoga teachers are working with you during your week, making sure you get the best Yoga experience during your holiday with us.

Yoga with a view

We offer plenty of space and comfort across 75m2. The room is handcrafted from wood with beautiful Berber art and giant stained glass windows with sliding doors that open up with a view of the wonderful surroundings.

Since the Yoga Shala is located on our roof terrace, from here you get to enjoy the perfect view of the beautiful little village and the blue ocean. Experience the unforgettable sunrise in the morning, directly above the forests of the Antiatlas mountains and end your day with the sun setting into the ocean.

Guided Meditation

During your stay with us we will start our Yoga classes with a short 5-10 min Meditation to bring all of our awareness into the moment to be able to focus on what is happening right in front of us.

Throughout the week we have prepared a special silent walk with a guided meditation at the beach to make sure you get the maximum relaxation, mindfulness and energy out of your Yoga retreat.

Our Yoga Instructors

Yoga Manager

Amy is our Yoga Manager and Residential Yoga Teacher here at Villa Surya by Dfrost Almugar making sure every class will be created with attention to detail.

She is from Yorkshire UK but traveled the world teaching yoga for over 7 years. Villa Surya has become her  new home since January 2017.

She is trained in Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology and teaches Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Meditation. She loves to take the guests out on the Stand Up Paddle Boards for a fun-yoga class on the sea or guide you through your silent meditation walk on the beach.

Yoga Teacher Villa Surya

Gwendoline is the newest member of our Villa Surya team. Growing up she was an avid swimmer and soon found that yoga complimented her swim training very nicely. Her love and passion for yoga took her to India, where she did her first teacher training back in 2007. Since then she switched her swimming career to follow the path of yoga and has spent lots of time in India deepening her teachings. Alongside her Yoga Teaching, she also qualified in various styles of massage therapy, such as Swedish, Pregnancy, Thai and Energetic Body Work.

Her ingrained love of the water has brought her to Morocco where she will take to the surf board and enjoy the waves.

Thai Massage

This technique has a 2,500-year old tradition. In this massage, pressure is exerted along the energy line of the body and stretching relaxes muscles and joints. This massage is harder and more ‘strenuous’ than many others.

The Thai massage is usually practiced on a futon on the floor and you wear loose-fitting clothes. As you lie on your back, the therapist will use gentle compression and stretching techniques to relax your muscles and body. He usually starts with the legs, and then works his way up the body.

Many people say that Thai massage reminds then of practicing yoga, but without much effort. Because it is the therapist that is doing all the work, bringing your body in different positions.

Swedish Massage

This is the technique that most people imagine as the “classic” massage. It is one of the most popular types of massages performed today. Its goal is to relax.

The whole body is relaxed by rubbing the muscles gently. The friction gently pushes the blood towards the heart. This increases the oxygen content in the blood and circulation is significantly improved.

Foot Reflexology

This technique works on your feet and examines your complete body.

Book one of our Yoga Retreats

Summer Special Classic Yoga & Meditation

From eur 649.00 pp/week

Treat yourself with some me-time. Join this limited Yoga & Meditation retreat in Villa Surya. From 4 May to 30 September 2020.

Surfing Yoga
Summer Special Surf & Yoga

From eur 449.00 pp/week

This package is for all those looking for something new. Experience variety, relaxation and fun in the summer.


From eur 399.00 pp/week

The perfect choice for a short break. Enjoy our quiet and relaxing yoga classes and find your inner peace through meditation.